The Lost Mine of Phandelver

Adventure Log 4.13.17

Loops 8 through 10

Loop Eight

Loop eight began with the entire party heading back to the signal fires of what would eventually become Cragmaw Castle, wanting to explore the location a bit more and see if there was anything they had overlooked. Once again, they dispatched the few orcs who had yet to go back through the black portal but they left one alive in hopes of getting some answers out of him as to the Lich’s plans but ultimately came up empty handed. Boirin made an attempt to use Dispel Magic on the portal, and while his attempt failed he was convinced by the attempt that it was theoretically possible. Their search of the castle came up empty.

Next the group traveled to the Wizard Enclave in hopes of finding out a bit more how they might be able to assist the party in their upcoming fight against the orcs. While there, Tellrah spoke in private with Gerald, an old wizard, about the nature of his glowstone, gifted by Corellon. Curious about their secrecy, Roden snuck in eavesdropped on their conversation as well. Meanwhile, Torinn let both Rhogar and Boirin in on the fact that he had previously discovered that at least some part of Tellrah is fiendish in nature.

Next the party return to the Mine of Phandelver to tracing down the location of Marnoth’s son, Mormeskew. They find him and return him to his father successfully. Roden decides to hop in a mine cart and see where it leads, ending up alone in a pitch-black subterranean lake and everyone commits suicide to hasten their next time loop iteration.

Loop Nine

The party explores the other two mine cart tracks, and almost decide to take a real stand against the orc army, when Gnerx reminds us that success in this loop might mean that there’s no changing what happens and the party decides to reset one last time in order to make sure they’ve accomplished/gathered everything they desire.

Loop Ten

The party is resolved now to take a real stand against the Lich & his army. They take all the necessary steps to ensure they have as much help as possible by lighting the signal fires and recruiting the wizards from the enclave, as well as summoning the celestial, a Planetar, from the magical horn. Those inside the mine do their best to bar the entrance to the mine against the attack, and Tellrah & Boirin position themselves within distance of the soon-to-be opened portal where the orc army spills out from. As the portal opens, they attempt to dispel the magic of the portal but fail to do so, and thus quickly retreat back to their friends at the entrance to the mine. Quickly the battle begins as everyone capable of engaging at range begin volleying attacks. The reinforcements are only just now arriving and are not yet able to help, other than the planetar, and the Phandalin Force 5 attempts to slow down the advancing army…


guitarzan_jared DaveEverhart

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