Alston Nackle

Gnomish Ambassador tasked with protecting the interests of the confederate communities of gnomes in western Faerûn


Alston dresses in bright, clashing colors and garishly mismatched patterns that suit his enthusiastic and curious nature.


Alston is the elected Ambassador of the Gnomish Confederacy of the Western Heartlands (far to the southeast of Neverwinter, Waterdeep, and Mintarn). He is tasked with protecting the peaceful independence and collective interests of gnomish communities and burrows scattered across western Faerûn. He does not rule over but rather represents the gnomes of the Western Heartlands.

“Gnomes, in general, were a reclusive people who’d rather stay out of others’ affairs. Though some races interpreted this as cowardice, it’s more the case that gnomes simply had nothing at stake in the conflicts between most other races and after centuries of being ignored or stomped on, were not particularly eager to fight someone else’s fight. In fact, generally speaking, gnomes were a very courageous and good-hearted race, who frequently used their neutrality as a way to negotiate disputes. Of all the races in Faerûn, it’s fair to say that gnomes had the fewest enemies, although they had very few friends as well.” (source)

Phandelver Pact

The Phandelver Mine is of particular interest to the gnomes, not for its material wealth or military advantage, but for its manufacturing and enchanting facilities. The gnomes are famously a race of clever tinkers, inventors, and engineers, and the secrets of the Forge of Spells promise to fulfill the wildest dreams of their people.

Alston’s interest in the mine is primarily industrial.

Alston Nackle

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