The Lost Mine of Phandelver

Lost Mine of Phandelver - Part 3
The Crafting Session

What Happened

After taking a rest in the barracks of Tresendar Manor, the party goes to investigate the rest of Tresendar Manor. They discover an armoury full of weapons, after gearing up they continue to the crypt. Here they encounter three skeletons, one gets crushed by an on fire door, one gets his arse frozen off and the other got his neck vertebrae crushed. With the remaining bones, Laucian Meliamne crafted reinforced gloves and got 32 teeth from Milo “Wait for it” Thorngage, Thorin Fireforge reinforced his ushanka with one and a half pelvis, Milo “Wait for it” Thorngage made a helmet out of a skull, Ivellios of Oghma gathered some bones and Ivern Bramblefoot gathered a blatter from one of the two Redbrand Ruffians who dared to interrupt their crafting session. The party then freed some prisoners, got a sidequest and then fell into a pit when they wanted to exit the manor.
When they left the manor, Milo “Wait for it” Thorngage and Laucian Meliamne hunted down Glasstaff, Chen Ling accompanied by Ivellios of Oghma sold some gemstones, Thorin Fireforge purchased a warhammer and Ivern Bramblefoot played some songs underneath a tree. Glasstaff got delivered to Sildar Hallwinter at the Townmaster’s Hall, Laucian Meliamne crafted himself a saddle, after the smithy had a stroke (natural 1, unlucky), Ivellios of Oghma picked up his quarterstaff, Chen Ling sold his silver comb, when Ivellios of Oghma purchased it back right after and Ivern Bramblefoot stole some cabbages and potatoes from Alderleaf Farm.
The next day, Ivern Bramblefoot helped out on Alderleaf Farm, getting the location of Connyberry as his payment. The party set out to search for this Connyberry, only to encounter a Giant Black Spider and 2 Ghouls when they arrived, where the Ghouls took quite a long time to defeat. Oh, and Droop, the trap-goblin, escaped.

Equipment Gathered

Discovered Locations

Important Information



  • Orc Trouble
  • Mirna’s Heirloom
  • Harbin Wester’s SPOILER


  • Finding Iarno
  • Halia’s Job Offer
Lost Mine of Phandelver - Part 2
Trouble in Phandalin

What happened

After taking a rest in Cragmaw Hideout, the adventurers went to Phandalin. Here they met with Ivern Bramblefoot and his guard Chen Ling. As Laucian Meliamne and Ivern Bramblefoot go way back, the two decided to tag along for the adventure. They explored the town, got a few side quests and slaughtered some Redbrand Ruffians. Hereafter, Milo “Wait for it” Thorngage was caught stealing, and saved by Ivern Bramblefoot. The next day Chen Ling shot a town inhabitant by accident, Laucian Meliamne let his wolves do tricks and Ivern Bramblefoot gave a mediocre performance. In the meantime Thorin Fireforge bought a Dwarven Greatsword, and wanted to put it to good use immediately. So the party went to explore Tresendar Manor, the Redbrand Ruffian hideout. After Ivellios of Oghma convinced a nothic to join their cause, the party turned on the nothic and killed him, taking Ivellios of Oghma with him in his grave. He got granted another chance by Oghma and reappeared a few hours later. And as usual, Laucian Meliamne got knocked unconscious twice by a bugbear, similar to what happened in Cragmaw Hideout. In the end, the party got back together and stumbled upon a goblin named Droop, who is tagging along to beat the shit out of the remaining Redbrand Ruffians. Oh, and Ivern Bramblefoot let the leader of the Redbrand Ruffians named Glasstaff escape.

Equipment Gathered


Locations Discovered

Lost Mine of Phandelver - Part 1
Starting the Adventure

The start

Gundren Rockseeker asks Ivellios of Oghma, Thorin Fireforge, Milo “Wait for it” Thorngage and Laucian Meliamne to escort a shipment to Phandalin. On the way they discover that Gundren Rockseeker and his guard Sildar Hallwinter have been ambushed and have dissappeared. A little later they encounter goblins and chase the goblins to Cragmaw Hideout, where they rescue Sildar Hallwinter.

Equipment Gathered


Discovered Locations


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