The Lost Mine of Phandelver

Adventure Log 3.9.17

Loops 4 through 6

Loop Four

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The Phandalin Force 5 once again finds themselves in the “white space” after failing to find a way to remove themselves from this time loop. Eager to learn more, but wanting to approach the situation from an entirely different angle, the group all heads down to The Phandalin Miner’s Exchange after deciding that they want to just ride this next loop out without putting themselves in harms way or interacting with any of the obvious conflicts presented. After consuming a delicious meal prepared by Barnaby, the group begins to grow listless and before long Tellrah & Torinn have agreed to a duel to pass the time. Everyone gathers around to watch as the pair trades blows, before Tellrah finally succumbs to his wounds and drops unconscious. Boirin heals Tellrah, and the group resumes their wait.

Noises are heard from the mountainside. Presumably the orcs have arrived.

Rhogar, Roden, and several of the party’s items being to look slightly transparent, although after careful examination they seem to be fully there in every other physical sense.

An eruption from the direction of the mine grabs the group’s attention as the entire rocky spire begins tearing apart more violently than from any volcano or natural phenomenon. The exploding terrain cascades quickly outwards from the mountain in all directions, and quickly the group is enveloped in the chaos.

Loop Five

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Having discovered the exact timeline of events that occur each evening, the group sets out to see if they can make further progress while focusing on efforts to ensure a peaceful signing of the Phandelver Pact, hoping to break the first lock on the Forge of Spells. This time Tellrah is presented as the head of the party, representing the interests of his Elvish family/clan. The group arrives in enough time to actually join the initial discussions this time and join the other 3 groups of races in the main hall. Tellrah adds his staff to the collection of gifts already on the table that were brought by the other groups and everyone begins mingling before the talks officially begin. Shortly thereafter, Torinn is tasked by Tellrah to accompany the dwarvish steward to the storage room and bring back some ale. Torinn takes this opportunity to detect that the Blinkdog Brandy is already poisoned and reports this information to Phandred.

Back in the meeting room, Torinn magically purifies the brandy before using his Detect Poison spell to see if there is any trace on any of the guests, but none is found. Boirin requests to assist with the investigation into who poisoned the brandy, explaining that his magical spells would come in handy, but after interrogating every known person to have access to the brandy after it arrived and confirming with the clerics who work at the mine that the brandy was NOT poisoned prior to arriving, Boirin remains without an answer to who could have done it.

Meanwhile the negotiations have begun in earnest, and Tellrah attempts to smooth over a rocky start as the human emissary from Neverwinter seems especially unwilling to bargain for anything less than complete control of the mine. As Tellrah tries desperately to convince him to remain there and continue with the talks, his Wild Magic flairs up and suddenly he finds himself sucked through a Planar Shift to the Elemental Plane of Water, and quite under water. After swimming to the surface and finding no sign of land, Tellrah picks a direction at random to begin swimming, but shortly after a water elemental rises from the waves and smashes the elf with two mighty fists of liquid, killing him instantly. Tellrah is once again in the white space.

Back at the mine, the negotiations have completely fallen apart after Tellrah’s unexpected departure. Boirin attempts to use Detect Magic to see if there are any traces of unexpected magic anywhere throughout the mine or upon any of the guests at the summit. Again, nothing of use is found. The group decides to embrace the inevitable time reset that will be coming shortly, as most of the remaining party remains at the mine and attempt once more to defend it from the orc army. Boirin travels a safe distance from the mine, and then as midnight approaches he casts Clairvoyance in order to gain visual access to what specifically happens at the forge of spells in the minutes leading up to the explosion. On cue, the lich appears and upon reaching the locked door, places his hands upon it and instantly the explosion is triggered once more, before Boirin rejoins the others in the white space.

Loop Six

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As their sixth loop begins, the Phandalin Force 5 decides to visit some locations they’ve heard about but haven’t been able to check out themselves just yet. Torinn and Tellrah lead the reconnaissance mission while the rest enter the mines once more to get answers to some questions they’ve been wondering about.

By way of the fey wild, first Tellrah and Torinn travel to the north to find the signal fire location. Arriving at a deserted castle, they spot a tower that clearly serves the purpose. Upon closer inspection they see that the castle is the same as Cragmaw Castle that they visited in their own time. It appears deserted, but rather than inspect inside they scale the outside walls using Spider Climb and find that the timber inside the signal fire’s basin has been doused with water. With a bit of magic and Dragon Breath, the pair get the fires lit and head back into the fey wild. They stop briefly atop Icespire Peak to see the sleeping giant still slumbering, and then Tellrah continues on alone to the south in search of the wizard enclave.

Meanwhile the others in the party have been asking their questions inside of the mine, discovering more about that nature of the different groups’ claims to the magical riches of the mines. After some time has passed, the lit signal fires are discovered and the questions quickly pivot to the topic of defense. They find out that the signal fires will bring the aid of the Griffin Calvary from Waterdeep but not lots more. Marnoth is primarily concerned with the location of his son, Shava explains that the spectator won’t be able to leave the enchanters workshop in order to assist them either but offers the magical ship in a bottle if it will help.

Back in the forests to the south, Tellrah eventually discovers the location of the wizard enclave and is faced with a magical door that apparently requires a password of some nature before he’ll be able to enter. The door has a face on it which begins engaging Tellrah in conversation. Eventually Tellrah lucks into the solution as he inadvertently gets the talking door to utter the password and it swings open. Inside Tellrah discovers several wizards deep in their own studies and pursuits and urges them all to come assist the efforts at the mine to resist the orc army.


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