The Lost Mine of Phandelver

Rána's Remembrance

While Rhogar studies the strange crystal down the hall, Rána stirs from his meditations in the Temple of Dumathoin. He briefly interacts with Mormesk, inspects the statue of Dumathoin, and is about to explore the mine when the statue, covered in profane red sigils, suddenly animates and gives chase. Before long, the statue lays hold of him and Rána finds himself enveloped in a limitless and supernatural black space filled with massive red glowing sigils.

Rána passes the night exploring the black space, embarking on some sort of strange vision quest. At times, he appears in locations across Faerûn as different colored dragons, exploring his environment and testing his abilities, before being pulled back into the black space. Alternatively, he relives memories which, because of his Wethrinaer curse, had been taken away from him.

During the course of his revelations, he discovers that his true name is Tell’ra Hodorea (meaning Lion Wise-One) and that his origins may be darker than he had once supposed.

In his final vision, he is only 5 or 6 years old and wandering a dark and desolate landscape. A crumbling castle stands above him; he clambers up the thorny bank of a long-dry moat and enters the abandoned structure. Inside, he finds a large, domed atrium with channels carved into the floor and a shallow basin at its center. When he approaches, the channels feed the basin, filling it with black, viscous liquid, which present-day Rána recognizes as ichor — demon’s blood.

He reaches out to touch it, and suddenly the ichor ripples and shudders unnaturally — twisting and contorting as it rises from the basin, coalescing into his mirror image. In the ichor’s reflection, he sees, to his horror, that his own form is altogether featureless: no eyes, no mouth, no ears — just an androgynous and anthropomorphic likeness of a child. The ichor soon develops more detail than he and becomes the spitting image of a 6-year old high-elf Tell’ra in black, rippling liquid. Fully formed, the ichor image steps forward and melds with Rána’s form.

Rána wakes screaming — next to a giant goat.


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