The Lost Mine of Phandelver

The Crystalline Pillar

Loop 1

The party awakens from their long rest in the Mines of Phandelver, all except Rana, who remains in some state of sleep or unconsciousness. Mormesk has been busy, filling the exits to the room to the brim with the corpses of creatures he has slain. His bloodlust is not satisfied however and he demands that the party plays along as he re-incarnates the corpses and sends them to attack us. The group refuses to play along and retreat into the Forge of Spells, sealing off the door. After some time, they determine how to activate the Forge and find themselves in an empty white dimension before shortly being transported to another location: a cold, snowy area outside the mines. A collection of armored dwarves come out and soon the group find out that they have been transported not just through space but also through time, nearly 500 years in the past to the day in which emissaries from the dwarves, gnomes, and humans have collected to sign a pact that will lay out how the powers of the mine will be shared between the races.

Upon realizing this, the group attempts to explain how they have been magically transported through time and also attempt to warn them of the impending orc army attack they know will arrive this very evening. None of the dwarves seem to believe the party however, including the leader of the guard, Phandred. And so the party sets off to see what else they can learn about the surrounding area. They find a giant goat in a nearby storage cave and name him “”/characters/gary-the-goat" class=“wiki-content-link”>Gary." Gary pulls the party on a sleigh down the mountain to where Phandalin used to stand, but there is only a single trading post. Inside they meet Barnaby who offers them a meal and shows off his extensive collection of herbs and spices. However, not much is to be learned there.

Thus the party travels back up the mountain and this time they make note of some footprints in the snow that lead away from the mine entrances. Upon following them, they are led mysteriously to a tree where the footprints end without trace. The party shortly finds that when touching the tree they are transported into the fey wild. However they all eventually lose their wits as are enchanted by their surroundings, happy and mindless towards any objective other than existing in the sweet perfection of the land. A full year passes before they once again gather their wits, and leave the dimension to return to their own.

Apparently only an hour or two has passed in their own world, as they find Gnerx still waiting there for them as he had not joined them in touching the tree. However Gnerx is quite unwell, having been speared by a long orcish pike. The party is met by an immense army of orcs and a lich lords over them, approaching the group, extending out an undead hand, and wiping the party off the face of the earth.

The party immediately finds themselves back in the white empty space, including Gnerx, and all are unscathed. And once again they are transported back to the snowy mountain outside the mines, apparently in the same situation they found themselves in the last time they exited the white space. Rana is still unconscious, and the group decide this time rather than carrying him around everything to leave him in the storage cave with Gary, before heading back out to see if they can do any better at solving the reason they have all been sent here…


guitarzan_jared DaveEverhart

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