The Lost Mine of Phandelver

Goats & Greetings

Loop 2

Goats & Greetings

Season 1, Episode 2: Click here for Podcast!

Rána returns from his vision quest to find himself in strange and smelly situation. The Phandalin Force 5 catches each other up on their adventures (Rana’s real name is Tellrah!) and prepares to make another attempt to enter the Phandelver Mine. However, their plans are interrupted when a crossbow bolt flies through the air and strikes Gnerx. It was loosed by Palien who tends to shoot first and ask questions later when it comes to goblins. The party finds out that he has been escorted the human emissary from Neverwinter to the mines. Along with Palien is the fairy, Acorn, who apparently accompanies Palien from time to time to aid him. When Tellrah tells to Acorn about his visit to “the black space” she suddenly beckons Palien to leave and appears obviously troubled.

Mein Mine

Season 1, Episode 3: Click here for Podcast!

Torinn poses as a dragonborn ambassador under the guise of political interest in the Phandelver Pact and leads the party safely into the mine. This time Phandred Fatesmelter is much more welcoming and willing to listen to the party’s warnings of an orc attack. They learn that there are signal fires to the north and a wizard’s enclave to the south, both of which can possibly lead to help.

Grand Tour

Season 1, Episode 4: Click here for Podcast!

The party follows Bruenor Fatesmelter on a grand tour of his prosperous mine, meeting new characters and learning new things along the way. First up they meet Marnoth, a wizard working in the mine. The party learns from him about his son, who they believe will eventually turn into the wraith, Mormesk. Next they meet the enchantress, Shava Galanodel and spend some time having their equipment enchanted after learning of her business. The finale of the tour leads them to the door of the Forge of Spells, which is magically locked with 3 chains. A symbol adorns each lock: Desire Peace, Hate Evil, and the 3rd appears as a geometric shape. It becomes clear to the party that these locks will be broken once they have proven themselves in the trials they face here at the Phandelver Mines.

Blink Dog Brandy

Season 1, Episode 5: Click here for Podcast!

While the Phandalin Force 5 continues to explore the Phandelver Mine, Tellrah convinces Clark the Clerk to give him a free sample of some very expensive dwarven liquor. When Tellrah’s reaction to the liquor seems exceptionally severe, Boirin attempts to cure him of alcohol poisoning is, and in the process discovers that Tellrah is actually poisoned, in the “here comes death” sense of the word. Boirin scrambles from person to person inside the mine, finding out that the brandy was brought by the Mintarn dwarves, but is unable to find out who poisoned it. Boirin and Tellrah use scrying bones to find out that the cure he needs is an herb that can be found in the private stash of Barnaby Thornton down at the Phandalin Trading Post. They travel there, save Tellrah, and set out to return.

Son of a Lich

Season 1, Episode 6: Click here for Podcast!

The Phandelver Pact peace talks have devolved into chaos when evidence is uncovered of an assassin in their midst. Roden creates a diversion with Rhogar’s help while Boirin and Tellrah hasten back from Phandalin. Torinn stands guard at the entrance, first to face their impending doom. He fights valiantly before falling to the wave of orcs. Tellrah jumps into the midst of the orcs outside as a wild magic flair-up sends an explosive crater’s worth of orcs into the air. Boirin attacks from range while riding Gary the Goat and healing Torinn and Tellrah as much as possible. Rhogar uses his tree-staff to send a 60-foot tall tree horizontally through the hallway where dozens of orcs are charging, and Roden assists while attacking with all of his roguish wits. But before long the leader of the orc army, an evil lich, arrives and decimates the Phandalin Force 5 one by one before they are all sent back to the white space, presumably to try the day again.


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