The Lost Mine of Phandelver

The Sleeping Giant

Loop 3

The Sleeping Giant

Season 1, Episode 7: Click here for Podcast!

The Phandalin Force 5 begins their third time loop in the Forge of Spells with renewed confidence and clever plans. First the dragonborn duo, Rhogar & Torinn, decide to explore Icespire Peak. A couple missteps and a few bloodhawks later, they arrive and to their surprise they find a sleeping frost giant. Rhogar decides to rouse the giant, intending to coax it down the mountain in hopes of it battling against the orc army. The plan starts off without a hitch as they pitch the giant’s belongings down the mountainside towards the mine entrance as the giant is awoken. Rhogar & Torinn hide as the giant begins quickly descending and realize that they’ve just sent a groggy & cranky giant towards their friends below. Rhogar sends a message with Argent in hopes of warning the others.

Meanwhile the others enter the mine and discover Palien and Acorn inside. Initially they convince Palien to assist them in defending against the orcs, but as Palien decides to help them, several different physical objects & properties related to the party’s time in Thundertree begin fading out of existence, clearing warning them that Palien’s motions in history must not be changed too severely. Quickly they tell Palien that it is more important that he sees to his business in Thundertree, and he is puzzled but nevertheless ends up agreeing, and the fading effect ends.

Striding, Stumbling, Squashing

Season 1, Episode 8: Click here for Podcast!

Tellrah, Boirin, Roden, and Gnerx are invited by Acorn to follow her into the fey wild with a promise of teaching them a new trick that they would find useful. As the group ventures towards the tree portal, Argent arrives and delivers the message, which is misinterpreted as Rhogar & Torinn sending them a friendly frost giant. Before discovering how wrong they are, they enter the fey wild and Acorn teaches them how to “Stride”: a special way to travel in the fey wild that allows one to take a single step from one location to another within distance, covering vast distances quickly. The group gives it a few successful attempts before deciding to Stride back to the mine entrance in their own world. Tellrah succeeds, but Boirin missteps terribly and somehow manages to fling himself at breakneck speeds into the sky. Roden is alarmed and instructs Gnerx to go back through the tree portal from which they entered before Striding to the mine entrance to meet Tellrah.

As the giant reaches the mine entrance, he discovers Roden & Tellrah there and approaches them quickly and menacingly. Torinn & Rhogar arrive shortly and remain out of site. Gnerx comes along and is cut off mid-sentence by a giant foot crushing him instantly. Tellrah summons an illusion to hide them temporarily from the giant as he and Roden escape inside the mine doors, as the giant begins attacking the mine quickly thereafter. Torinn and Rhogar enter the nearby storage cave and enter the mine down the supply shaft, with Rhogar first lowering Torinn down inside of the supply box before climbing down the rope shortly after.

Bacon of Hope

Season 1, Episode 9: Click here for Podcast!

Rhogar has lowered himself down the shaft but as his exit is blocked by the supply box, he decides to destroy it by pointing his woodland staff downwards and turning it into a tree. Immediately the tree branches shoot out of the shaft’s exit and violently impale Torinn, killing him. Simultaneously Rhogar is shot upwards and meets his end by slamming into the cave ceiling. Rhogar and Torinn find themselves back in the white space alongside Gnerx.

Meanwhile Boirin finally exits the fey wild as he lands far off in an unknown land on a sandy beach. Alone and without his bearings, he walks off towards the only nearby sign of civilization: a small city on a peninsula. Amazingly he sees a dragon hovering over the city before taking flight and ascending back into the sky, a site that clearly resembles a description provided by Tellrah from his vision quests. As Boirin nears the city he sees that it is populated by a hostile race of snake creatures and quickly leaves before making his presence known. Boirin uses detect magic to find the fey portal once again and reenters the fey wild, and strides a handful of times before returning back to the mine entrance and leaving the fey wild.

At the same time, Roden and Rhogar decide that in the midst of the giant attack and ensuing chaos that they should head towards the Forge of Spells. Roden eventual recalls his lock picking proficiency, and enters without issue. However no help makes itself known to them and so Roden goes towards the enchantment workshop while Tellrah heads off to the area of the mine where the fungus has started growing. Roden heads to the workshop and with plans to steal the mini ship that Shava showed to them recently (which becomes full sized when touched by water), and Tellrah comes back past the workshop with his fungus.

At this time, Boirin has left the fey wild and finds the giant and orcs fighting and the mine entrance has caved in. So he heads toward the storage cave, with the orcs chasing him close behind. Surprised to find the shaft blocked by a massive tree, Boirin turns to face the orcs and in an act of desperation uses the Ring of the Grammarian to turn his Beacon of Hope spell into “Bacon of Hope”. Boirin begins hallucinating bacon everywhere and dies to the orc army happily surrounded by a world made of bacon, entering the white space with those who died before him. The dragonborn mention that they expect Tellrah to die next, and Boirin wagers each of them 5 gold a piece that instead it will be Roden.

Back at the mine, Roden and Tellrah meet up and Roden turns down the fungus offer and informs Tellrah of his plan to steal the ship. Tellrah wants no part of it and heads toward the forge of spells. Roden succeeds in looting the ship and he takes it to the underground lake, uncorks the bottle, and immediately dies as the misty air near the lake makes contact with the ship which expands instantly into a full size ship in the space where Roden’s body used to be. Inside the forge entrance, Tellrah makes plans to fight off the orcs but finds his magic is being dispelled by the room which is warded against his spells and even wild magic. Without his spells to aid him, he shortly falls to the attacking orcs and the party is finally all reunited once again in the white space.


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