Died as a wanted criminal, the rightful heir to the throne in the dwarven kingdom of Nigh Galador


Descendant of Alberich Strongbeard and Alberk the Last of the royal line of Nigh Galador.

Aldrik was forced to flee his homeland when King Alberk was killed by the Lowerarchs of Galador in a sudden and violent coup. The royal line was severed for the first time in over a thousand years, and the new regime wanted Prince Aldrik dead in order to snuff out the royal line and decisively surmount the Dynasty of the Stair.

Eventually, Aldrik was discovered in the city of Neverwinter and assassinated by mercenaries in order to collect on his bounty. Boirin Ashcloak was tasked with his murder.

Aldrik came to be known as Greenstick, for he had been plucked from the family tree as a young dwarf only to perish in a foreign land.


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