Dagult Neverember

Lord Protector of Neverwinter with a short temper and a dislike of demihumans.


Neverember had “pumpkin-brown” hair, deep-set dark eyes, and broad shoulders. He was often called a “lion of a man” for both his appearance and bearing.

He carried a longsword and wore chain mail armor.

Known language(s)

  • Common
  • Dwarvish
  • Elven

Titles: Lord Protector of Neverwinter Formerly: Open Lord of Waterdeep Nickname: Dagger Home: Neverwinter, northwest Faerûn Former home: Waterdeep


Dagult Neverember was once the Open Lord of Waterdeep and the Lord Protector of Neverwinter during the late 9th century DR. In more recent years,, he has focused entirely in his role as Lord Protector of Neverwinter. He was also a member of the Lords’ Alliance.

Neverember had a quick temper. He held a dislike of demihumans and abused them in private. Publicly, however, he was usually quite a diplomat and appeared to have Waterdeep’s, and later Neverwinter’s, best interests at heart.

Phandelver’s Pact

Dagult’s coffers are full and, except for depriving his neighbors of undeserved wealth, he has little interest in the material riches of the Phandelver Mine. He does, however, have a strong sense of fairness and a prickly demeanor and looks on competing claims to the mine with contempt. He hopes to acquire the mine for the sake of the magic armory and wondrous weapon-forging facilities rumored to supply the Forge of Spells. He is always eager to bolster his personal army and maintain the supremacy of his city’s military in the region.

Dagult’s interest in the mine is the political.

Dagult Neverember

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