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  • Lowerarchs of Galador

    The Lowerarchs of Galador are a religious oligarchy that led a violent coup against the Dynasty of the Stair, assassinating King Alberk and overthrowing the successive rule of his son Aldrik. _*Little more is yet known…*_

  • Galador

    The mountain Galador is the highest peak in its range, its height obscured by clouds. It is easily identified by its monolithic appearance and the dark hue of its stone, which resembles basalt. Nothing grows on its slopes until the dark stone gives way to …

  • Aldrik

    Descendant of [[:king-alberich | Alberich Strongbeard]] and [[:alberk-the-last | Alberk the Last]] of the royal line of [[Nigh Galador | Nigh Galador]]. Aldrik was forced to flee his homeland when King Alberk was killed by the [[Lowerarchs of Galador]] …