Mystralite, a rare crystal infused with magic, was first found in abundance beneath the Sword Mountains in 987 DR and provided the wealth of the Mine of Phandelver. It was first discovered and refined by the Fatesmelters, (Bruenor and Phandred Fatesmelter), who named it after Mystra, the goddess of magic.

Mystralite is volatile and unstable, especially concentrated in its refined form. Accidents are not uncommon, producing unpredictable magical reactions ranging from innocuous or silly to dangerous and deadly. When properly manipulated, however, the crystalline substance possesses near-infinite potential for magical applications, even by non-spellcasters.

The resource quickly caught the attention of major political powers along the Sword Coast and led to the signing of a treaty known as the Phandlever Pact which sought a peaceful arrangement by which to share and allocate the valuable limited resources of the mine. Many expected the widespread use of mystralite to revolutionize engineering, architecture, alchemy, religion, medicine, and almost every aspect of society — the power of magic would be accessible to all like never before.

However lauded this “miracle crystal,” mystralite was not without its detractors. There were many who feared that, as often happens whenever power grows, strides would also be made in warfare, weaponry, and cruelty.


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