Nigh Galador

Nigh Galador is a kingdom of shield dwarves on the distant continent of Emaroth. It is so-named because the subterranean kingdom was carved from the solid rock of a mountain that stands in the shadow of the high peak of Galador, a mountain which is sacred to dwarvenkind.


The Dynasty of the Insurmountable Stair

The ancient dynastic line to which Alberich, Alberk, and Aldrik belong is known as the “insurmountable stair.” The reason for this is a tradition that dates back to the founding of Nigh Galador. Each king that sits upon the Hammerthrone sits higher than his predecessor.

At each King’s coronation, the floor around the throne is hewn away, and another step is added to the pyramid-like stairs that ascend to the seat of power. Each step is carved with the name and accomplishments of the king during his reign so that when the present king ascends, he is held up by the history, traditions, and great legacy of those who came before him. The stairs are called “insurmountable” because they never end; their construction is considered perpetually unfinished. This is a symbol of the eternal reign of the royal line and the ongoing freedom of the Nigh Galadorian people from foreign rule.

The Lowerarchy of Galador

The Lowerarchs of Galador are a religious oligarchy that led a violent coup against the Dynasty of the Stair, assassinating King Alberk and overthrowing the successive rule of his son Aldrik.

Little more is yet known…

Nigh Galador

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